Tired of flashy computers that underperform and workstations that leave you waiting? Our hand-built Chimera computers deliver all the power you need— anytime you need it.

Ares: Find Peace of mind through all the power.

A workstation built to battle the fiercest workload.

The ARES provides a near seamless creative experience in your high performance graphical or computation needs. The components in this machine are world class. No matter what you throw at this machine, it will power through.

Find peace of mind with this battle-ready workstation.

Cerberus: Compact Powerful Performance.

Powerful. Affordable. Practical.

The CERBERUS is Chimera’s flagship line of compact desktop computers. No matter which one you choose, you’ll have one of the most powerful computers in its class.

It’s built for one purpose – Getting Things Done.

You see, we’ve experienced the pain of endless rendering times, agonized over poor performance, and suffered the indignity of frozen applications. Our solution was to build our own custom computers and workstations, and now we’ve partnered with the world’s leading tech companies to bring them to you.