How to Become an eSports Champion

The competitive gaming scene is huge right now, and this has left a lot of people asking- how do I get in on this? Well hopefully I can clear the air and give you some useful advice to use towards your eSports dream.

Get good.

Practice makes perfect, and you don’t get to the pro leagues by being a casual. You should be practicing every day. Take every game seriously. Hone your skills so that you may become one of the greats. One good way to get better is to watch the current pros and analyze their strategies.

Get competitive.

Once you’ve honed your skills it’s time to start competing. A good way to start is to join a competitive gaming organization. Major League Gaming (MLG) and the Electronic Sports League (ESL) are fantastic places to start. Through these organizations you can get ranked, play in competitions/tournaments, and even earn prize money for your skills.

Get exposed.

Exposure is a huge part of professional gaming. It’s all about getting your name out there. Consider streaming, or uploading your game play on YouTube. This will help you to establish a fanbase. Getting decent exposure will be useful in getting sponsorship deals. Sponsors can supply funds, equipment, even uniforms for you or your team.

Well there you have it. If you follow this simple guide you’ll be well on your way to becoming a full-fledged gaming professional.