The Sunny Sixteen Rule

The Sunny Sixteen Rule is a standard in the photography community. This rule will give you a place to begin your shots so you start off right and can tweak further from there.

Let’s jump into what the Sunny Sixteen Rule is. If you are outside and it’s a sunny day, you might have trouble with overexposure. This is a guide to help set up a baseline of where your settings should start to ensure perfect exposure. But first let us talk about the 3 main functions you will implement in order to use this trick.

Aperture– Amount of light entering through the lens

Shutter– door that opens to let light in

ISO– sensor sensitivity to light
The “16” in sunny 16 is your F-stop other known as aperture. Set your aperture to F16, and you’re shutter to 1/125. At 1/125 you are able to capture most movement without motion blur. Lastly set your ISO to 100. Don’t worry if you can’t do 100, some cameras are native ISO 200. Once you implement the sunny 16 rule you’ll not only have a fantastic baseline of exposure, but better confidence when shooting in sunny, bright places. Now get out and test it out for yourself!