Is Anti Virus Software A Scam?

Chimera Computers is dedicated to giving you the best info to help you in your decision making.
And one of the most important decisions you can make is which antivirus software to use, and if
it even works.

The Truth: There are many different antivirus software and as most of you might know. They
feel more like spam then protection. They constantly block downloads even if they are safe, give
you false flag warnings making you worried, and cause more annoyance then they are even

A lot of time the “free” antivirus software are less an antivirus then a software that
diagnoses the issue, and only removes half of them. Then they make you pay to remove the
rest. Or They only give you one third of the feature. The hard truth is that no matter how great
your antivirus, you will still need to be careful about where you go and what you download on
and from the internet. Anti virus can only do so much to protect you, and is more a last line of
defense then anything else. The first and greatest line of defense against any virus is you.
Knowing that the sites you visit are secure is crucial. This can be identified by the lock and the
left hand corner of the websites address.

Trusted Free Antivirus: there are exceptions! My personal favorite is Malwarebytes. It has a
free 30 day trial, and you don’t have to jump through hoops to uninstall it. It also actually
removes everything it finds, and truly lives up to what it promises.
Trusted paid Antivirus: Norton is our choice of paid antivirus. Minimal annoying pop ups with
settings allowing you to tailor it to what you want to be alerted of. It’s an all around great
software with good protection. The pricing is $50 for the year if you chose the basic protection
package. Basic only covers one device, and as you progress through the purchasing “levels” it
allows you to add more devices.

Chimera Computers has no affiliation with either company. There are so many antiviruses out
there but these are the two that we here at Chimera trust and recommend to our clients. Hope
this helped you and keep your computer safe!