About our products

If you’re looking for a computer with the power to get serious work done, then you need to ditch Best Buy and Apple and get one built specifically for your needs by Chimera Computers.

Chimera computers are designed for users in the creative and design professions such as film, photography, CAD, architectural design and graphic arts.

Our computers skip the bells and whistles and deliver only what you need– pure, raw power. Long gone are fancy lights, over-the-top cases, and bloatware programs that just take up space on your hard drive. You get nothing but power and speed in a simple and sleek case that’s more function than looks.

We don’t just build computers– we also build robust workstations capable of handling processor-intensive graphical and computational tasks. Every machine from Chimera Computers features the latest in computer technology and can be customized with features you’ll actually use for your profession.

View two-year warranty.

About our company

Chimera Computers is a boutique computer builder that has been in business since 2015. We specialize in custom PCs, workstations, and computer repair. We focus on using the highest quality parts and providing our customers with the best possible experience.

Chimera Computers was founded on the notion of the three Ps, power, performance, precision.
Based on Greek mythology, our company’s theme captures the essence of each mythological creature in a specific unit. Our mini ITX line is the Cerberus, and the mid ATX is the Ares.

Before releasing a new model of computer or workstation, we run extensive performance tests to make sure what you are purchasing is a top-of-the-line, capable machine. We eliminated fancy LEDs and flashy cases. We focused on what’s under the hood, because who cares what your computer looks like if it can’t handle your workload?

Because we use only top-quality parts and cases that allow for maximum airflow to eliminate thermal throttling, our units last longer. Each computer is proudly hand built in Lancaster, PA by hard-working Chimera employees who are dedicated to bringing true power to our customers not only for recreation, but for business, industry and creative professionals.