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Operating SystemWindows 10, 64-bit Home
ProcessorIntel Core i5-8600K
ChipsetLGA 1151
GraphicsEVGA GTX 1070 8GB SC2
Memory16 GB DDR4 2400
StorageKingston 120GB SSD, 3TB Barracuda
 ExpansionFull Expansion
Video Ports1x HDMI/ 3x DisplayPort
AudioRealtek ALC887 – 2/4/5.1/7.1-channel
Support for S/PDIF Out
Power Supply650W Certified 80+ Gold
Dimensions17.83″ x 8.27″ x 16.26″


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Vulcan, Luxury Refined

The Vulcan is the designer luxury PC with professional cable management to create the perfect aesthetic, and enhance airflow. We selected only the most Premium, and powerful components. Every single piece was chosen to match the sexy brushed aluminum case. Sleek curves, hints of carbon fiber, and premium tempered glass so clean it’s almost as if it isn’t there. Here are all the perks.


  • Full Overclock ability:  Overclockable CPU, and GPU

  • SuperClocked GPU:  This 1070 is superclocked! Allowing you to push it above and beyond even baseline 1080’s!
  • RGB:  Allows you to have full range of the color spectrum! Choose the color your pc glows with built in software!
  • Liquid cooled: the processor is liquid cooled. This helps keep temperatures low in the most BRUTAL of challenging tasks
  • Brushed Aluminum body:  Lightens the computer, and adds contrasts to the tinted tempered glass, and black steel chassis
  • Tempered Glass:  Sleek premium quality dual panel tempered glass
  • Professional Cable Management: creates the perfect clean aesthetic; furthermore ENHANCING airflow greatly REDUCING heat, and aids in dissipation
  • Built in Wifi: This Computer features built in High Speed Wifi!
Check out these stress test results
Disclaimer: These results are with all components running at base clock, no overclocking of any kind taking place. 


1 review for Vulcan

  1. Josh P.

    This PC removes all my previous gaming limitations! I don’t have to compromise FPS for image quality. I’m currently doing another playthrough of Fallout 4 with all the settings cranked to ULTRA and over 100 mods downloaded, including nearly every 4k and 8k texture pack I could find. I’m also running mods that spawn additional NPCs–multiple times more than the vanilla game. With VSync engaged this system maintains the 60fps I need for my projector using BRUTE FORCE. Even with crazy textures, insane particle effects, increased explosion size and effects, and dozens of NPCs engaging in battle, I rarely see anything below 60fps (and would no doubt see significantly higher if I disengaged VSync). You won’t find a better deal on a system like this–i5 8600k, SC2 1070, 16gb DDR4, SSD (ESPICALLY WITH AFFIRM). You may find something a few bucks cheaper, but you won’t get the aesthetics you get with the beautiful case. The Vulcan is an artistic masterpiece made into a powerhouse computer!

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